Contemporary Music Inspired from the Heart

See the world in an open and wonderous way. Music that remembers the idea of innocence and the simple purity of life and all that matters. 

Performed on Piano, Harp with gentle orchestrations

“From the first dreamy notes to the last calm closing bars of Serene Healing, Ken Townshend never fails to engross the listener in a private world of mesmerizing melodies formed from tranquil beauty. Ken's music is soothing to the nth degree as he plays solo piano for a singular spirit. Although I listened to this album a number of times I never failed to be drawn in by the delicacy of the music and even though I know for a fact there are spaces between the songs, it was a seamless experience each time.” - RJ Lannan

"Love's Embrace is, well, the perfect description is "simply lovely." The melodies unwind with simplicity and grace, like musical rivulets of water slowly coursing down a window pane in a rainstorm. The music is ideal for daydreaming or reflection because the music never intrudes with unnecessary distractions into drama, power, or energy. Instead, the mood is like an enveloping warm mist which comforts and cleanses. The future is bright indeed for an artist of this caliber!" -Bill Binkelman Zone Music Reporter

“Love’s Embrace is Very ethereal and “floating,” Townshend plays the main part of most of his music on piano or keyboard and then adds washes of peaceful sounds and reverb that soften the edges and remove the percussive effect of the piano. Sometimes melodic and sometimes more on the ambient side, Townshend’s music is all about his love of gentle feelings and emotions.” - Kathy Parsons

"The CD is instantly peaceful and one of the best I've heard. Ken is a wonderful pianist and the harp is beautiful." - Medwyn Goodall

“The music on the "Gentle Beauty" CD is among the most relaxing and peaceful I've ever heard. The music is like relaxing water that just washes over my entire being. Five stars isn't a high enough rating for this wonderful addition!” - Janet

“Soft Sweetness - Really heart felt and beautiful music. Don’t miss it!! Blessings” - Peter Sterling

“A beautiful creation I thoroughly enjoy this relaxing and beautiful creation by Ken Townshend. My favorite songs are "Gentle Beauty" for its innocence, "Sunset" for the reflective mood it creates, my absolute favorite was "Gentle Angels" because it had such a pure bittersweet melody to it as if it should be the sort of thing you would hear in heaven. So much depth and beauty! I love to listen to this album during my morning prayers and I highly recommend this CD to anyone wanting a gentle CD filled with peace.” - Gabrielle Angelique

“Gentle Beauty” is the second release of healing music by keyboardist Ken Townshend. Aptly titled, this music is in the moment and has no hard edges anywhere. More ambient than melodic, the music creates a peaceful mood that invites a slower, calmer pace both physically and mentally. This would be a perfect CD for meditation, massage, unwinding, to go to sleep to, or for creating a very peaceful ambiance.“Gentle Beauty” is a quiet and fascinating inner journey and a welcome respite from the noise and negativity that zap so much of our energy. Recommended." - Kathy Parsons

“Gentle beauty invites you into a world of piano waterfalls that instantly transforms any space into a relaxing garden where you are sitting out in the sun absorbing the warmth. Ken Townshend captures a sacred stillness in his music that feels like a warm embrace. This music is truly gorgeous from start to finish and each track is a journey into healing.” -The Rebecca Review

Listening to Ken's music on a regular basis would surely help tip the scales in the right direction for many people. We give Ken's CDs as a gift to our patients as they reach certain milestones in the care. The patients really love and appreciate when this surprise gift comes in the mail.” - Eric M. Stofman, DC, FICPA

“Serene Healing - You have got to have this CD! I am a hospice nurse and healing touch practitioner. This CD is amazing. Through Ken's generosity, our Hospice can give these healing CDs to our clients and their families. There are so many, but one family member stands out. Her loved one was dying and no one in the home was sleeping. I took this person aside, put the CD on and did some Healing Touch for stress relief. I told them the story behind the music and that the CD was there's to keep. They cried and said it was the most beautiful gift they had ever received. I don't know if Ken knows how many lives he touches. Looking forward to your next work!” - Dawn Peralta

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