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See the world in an open and wonderous way. Music that remembers the idea of innocence and the simple purity of life and all that matters. Music is great for destressing, reflection, prayer, and just background music. Performed on Piano, Harp with gentle orchestrations.

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“Innocence” has a musical or personal message about what it was like for me as a child. I loved playing music, being creative and using my imagination (I loved the beauty of life all around me) and just being open, pure and alive to everything. To see the world in an open and wondrous way. 

“Innocence” is music that remembers the idea or theme of innocence and collaborating with friends. Some pieces were just musical playing, and pure creativity and some have deep conscious meaning to me. No matter what though, through the experience and expression of the creative process and feeling the music is how the music was created. 

This music is super special to me and it embodies my best solo work to date. As an artist, I put my heart and soul into creating the musical pieces and the project itself. Music is my only passion and dream, it always has been deep in my heart. This CD is a soundscape into the musical journey of “Innocence”.

Below are some reviews from everyday listeners on "Angel"

Very nice instrumentation for the composition. Very light, airy which fits with the title Angel. 

This song definitely pictures the title well. It has a very nice flow of notes together and the synthesized sounds and melodies percolate so we seem to be in heaven. Amazing that this song doesn't need a vocal track, it is perfect the way it is. Well Done! 

Very melodious, with a decent flow to the tune. I could easily picture an actual angel or a real, angelic human with this tune as a background. 

I really like the intro to this song it is beautiful and grabs your attention from the start. The piano and strings harmonize well together and compliment each other well. It develops wells and is very calming and peaceful. 

I really like the way that this song sounds. I love the piano. I love the way that this song sounds. It is a great song. It sounds super airy and it could be used for a wedding or a life song. 

Nice soft sound that makes me contemplate the way I think and other things in my life. The sound makes it easy for me to concentrate on my thinking and relax. 

Angel is the perfect name for this song. It is calm and peaceful. I would like to listen to this song when I need peace of mind. It is well instrumented. 

I think that the composition of the song is very beautiful. The song feels almost angelic and beautiful, like sitting in a field of stars. 

The song has a really good calming sound to it. I like how relaxing the song is. I really like the song and could see it used in movies. 

I found the song beautiful and warm. It also had a personal, intimate feel to it. Sound quality was great. Every note was clear. 

Light, gentle opening with a sweet-sounding piano. It's innocent sounding and full of feeling without being cloying. Calm and soothing it has a innocent touch and a smooth, uncomplicated style. Very pretty and very appealing, it's a lovely piece. 

This is beautiful. I love the piano chords in this. You can feel the emotion in the tone of the piano. It has a nice flow to it. I was captivated by the piano playing. I can see this being in a major motion picture in a love story. 

This song is very pretty and delicate. I am a dancer and could totally see myself choreographing a contemporary dance to this song. I was actually shocked to learn the composer is male because it is a very feminine song. 

What a beautiful song. It has a incline of inspiration and many features of hope throughout this instrumental piece. I enjoyed this greatly and I hope to hear many more songs like this going forward. 

This would be lovely in a movie trailer or emotional scene. I can imagine a story in my mind while listening to this song even without words. Its very beautiful! 

This song evokes a longing type of emotion and the instrumentation is outstanding. It is very beautiful and I can imagine it as a soundtrack to a love story. 

I am a big fan of this song. I found the melody to be beautiful, warm, and heart felt. The instrument play was lovely. Sound quality was clear. 

The soft undertones of this music takes me away to another place a place of contemplation. I love this sound and the way it makes me relax. 

The piano is such a strong and powerful instrument and yet it makes these oh so sweet sounds in the hands of Ken here, who is the master. 

Reviews from everyday listeners on "Wonderment"

It was a very relaxing song. I loved the soothing melody, it made me feel very peaceful and I wanted to take a nap while I listened to it. The melody also sounded very beautiful. I liked the use of wind instruments as well, it sounded unique. I liked the song so much that I will seek this artist out and listen to more of his music.

Great production, mixing is well-balanced and done expertly. Don't know if this is an original piece but the songwriting is very creative... If it's not your rendition is done gracefully good job and good luck with your music career!

I thought this song was absolutely beautiful. I love how calming the song was, the instrumentals all flowed nicely together. There really isn't anything I disliked about this song but I would have enjoyed more of a variety of both melodies and different instruments.

I really like the strings; there's something so beautiful and somber about stringed instruments. I could see this playing in the background during a dramatic or touching scene in a piece of media. The instrumental was innovative and creative. It had a dramatic quality that kept me intrigued. The production values were excellent and gave the song a sweeping, grand sound.

The violin and piano go very well together and the players of these instruments seem to be very proficient in their craft. Great production quality as well to complement that. This song is so beautiful.

The opening was amazing and I love the piano playing. This such a relaxing song and he blends everything together so well. I really liked the violin lead in this song, and the over all feel of the song. It's definitely something I can see being used in a film soundtrack.

That is a great title for a song I have never seen before come to think of it. It works especially well for epic instrumentals such as this one. I dig the slow dreamy moody feel of this instrumental song. Very well played the violin. Love the strings and the harmonies they produce. Solid song.

I like some classic songs and Wonderment is one of those songs. The song is very positive. It feels me with relaxation, peace, and security. I found the song beautiful. I loved the piano play. I found it lovely, warm, and heartfelt. The sound quality was clear and sharp.

Reviews from everyday listeners on "Innocence"

I found the song very relaxing and tranquil. I like how the energy is constantly created through movement in the piano. I could see this on a CD of relaxing songs or played in a spa.

This is a great song that evokes feelings of nostalgia and peacefulness. The quality and structure are great and the sounds used are a great fit.

This is a beautiful song. I love the melody and the flow of the song. I especially love the piano track. I would definitely listen to again.

This song has such a mellow sound to it. You can hear it was written with love. The piano player is sounding great and carries the song.

I really like how soothing the song sounds. The piano playing is really good and it evokes a certain calm emotion when listening to it.

This is just a beautiful piece. Very ethereal with a good flow to it. The sound quality is very good. Music fits the song's title.

Reviews from everyday listeners on "Dreams of You+"

Simple and melodious opening with a light, cautious sounding touch. There is a sense of wonderment and the expressive piano is quite lovely. Gentle and calming it's very likeable and appealing. It seems like it's music for a sweeter time.

Great, relaxing melodies and instruments. I drifted off into a calm meditative state while listening to this. Great structure and enjoyable instrument choices. I would listen to this song again.

This is a very pretty song, but a little slow. It would make sense to be slower, based on the title and the emotions it is trying to bring. I liked the melody and the flow of the song.

This is so calming, I have been so stressed out all day and was immediately calmed down by the atmospheric sounds of this. It sounds like being on a river in a boat in Japan.

This is a peaceful and relaxing sounding song. The quality and structure of the song are great as well. The sounds used fit together nicely also.

This song could lull me to sleep. Very relaxing. I really like how the tempo is slow and the synth strings move slowly under the relaxing melody.

This is such a beautiful little piece of music. I really enjoyed the smooth sounds and lovely chords I hear in here. Quality stuff for sure.

I like the good feeling and soft projection the song portrays. The smoothness of the sounds are very relaxing and sets a really nice mood.

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