How deep is the music? Passionately creative -  From the first dreamy notes to the last calm closing bars of Serene Healing, Ken Townshend never fails to engross the listener in a private world of mesmerizing melodies formed from tranquil beauty. Ken's music is soothing to the nth degree as he plays solo piano for a singular spirit. Although I listened to this album a number of times I never failed to be drawn in by the delicacy of the music and even though I know for a fact there are spaces between the songs, it was a seamless experience each time.

Many of the albums that cross my desk claim to be "healing" music, but there's no way around it, Townshend is the real deal. This is an album for those with a high heart rate in a fast-paced world, the anxious traveler with a hidden fear or the soul that drifts about just waiting to be found. Townshend's music is all solo piano, but with many calming voices and a special ability to touch the heart.

He is one of those rare artists that plays how he feels, not just what he jots down on paper. His inspiration centers on his years in Japan and how he felt the calmness of the people and the land. Yes, he started out with the traditional classical training but found it narrowed his focus too much. His style is like that which some of us writers call "writing the bones" or writing how you feel and writing without attention to grammar and style and then cleaning it up afterwards. It seems to work for him. I know it worked on Serene Healing.

RJ Lannan

CD Reviewer, Zone Music Reporter

Love's Embrace is, well, the perfect description is "simply lovely." The melodies unwind with simplicity and grace, like musical rivulets of water slowly coursing down a window pane in a rainstorm. The music is ideal for daydreaming or reflection because the music never intrudes with unnecessary distractions into drama, power, or energy. Instead, the mood is like an enveloping warm mist which comforts and cleanses. The future is bright indeed for an artist of this caliber!

Bill Binkelman

CD Reviewer, Zone Music Reporter

Love’s Embrace is Very ethereal and “floating,” Townshend plays the main part of most of his music on piano or keyboard and then adds washes of peaceful sounds and reverb that soften the edges and remove the percussive effect of the piano. Sometimes melodic and sometimes more on the ambient side, Townshend’s music is all about his love of gentle feelings and emotions. 

Kathy Parsons

CD Reviewer, Mainly Piano

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